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Kaidro: Clan Battles


Dive into the expansive world of Kaidro: Clan Battles, a game that blends strategic RPG shooter combat with deep lore from the Kaidro universe. Players go on a journey to customize their Spark-Suits, choose their allegiance from diverse clans, and utilize unique astral abilities in dynamic multiplayer battles.

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Welcome to the universe of Kaidro, a world where comics meet gameplay in an ecosystem rich with lore, legends, and the endless clash between realms. Built Within the Kaidro is "Kaidro: Clan Battles", a multiplayer action RPG built on the expansive world and ecosystem of Kaidro. Build your customized Spark Suits and team up with your friends to defeat the Void!

Game Lore

In Kaidro: Clan Battles, you're not just playing a game; you're becoming part of a saga that stretches beyond the pages of Kaidro: The Awakening. The game drops you into a world on the brink, where the Astral and physical realms collide. It's up to you and your clan to fend off the Void's encroachment, armed with your wits, weapons, and the unparalleled power of your Spark-Suit. Which side you choose will shape your journey and determine the fate of the world.


In the arena of Kaidro: Clan Battles, strategy, skill, and clan allegiance define your path to victory. Choose the clan that best suits you and customize your Spark-Suit to determine your legacy. Every battle is an opportunity to rise through the ranks in a universe brimming with challenges and champions.

Your Spark-Suit, Your Signature

Your journey in Kaidro: Clan Battles is marked by your Spark-Suit. This customizable armor is more than protection—it's a testament to your style, strategy, and allegiance. With a variety of chassis and configurations, how you build and brandish your suit speaks volumes in the vast Kaidro ecosystem.

Unleash Astral Powers and Forge your Destiny

Players harness unparalleled astral powers linked to their Spirit Guardians, rooted in the relics of the Upper City. This unique strength, coupled with the strategic assembly of Spark-Suits—ranging from agile Light chassis to robust Heavy frames—defines players' roles in skirmishes. Weaponry, crafted by the esteemed Unions of Kaidro, enhances these mechs, symbolizing a player's prowess and resolve.

Within Kaidro's vibrant universe, filled with rich characters and narratives, every interaction and decision molds one's path, influencing alliances and battle tactics. This interplay of mystical abilities, mech customization, and strategic choice-making forms the core experience of Kaidro: Clan Battles, where every decision can lead to triumph or downfall.

How to Get Started

Kaidro: Clan Battles is eagerly anticipated to launch on Steam, and interested players can already add it to their wishlist. Integrating into the Web3 gaming sphere, Kaidro aligns with the Ronin blockchain ecosystem for its NFT collection, making Spark Suits the foundational NFT for the evolving Kaidro universe.

About Kaidro: Clan Battles


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Kaidro: Clan Battles

Kaidro: Clan Battles is a strategic multiplayer action RPG set in the rich universe of Kaidro, where players customize their Spark-Suits, align with clans, and harness astral powers to compete for supremacy.


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