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In the MMO Influence, players venture into the Adalian asteroid belt, guiding humanity's remnants and establishing space economies.

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Influence is a space strategy sandbox MMO that transports players into a universe where they shape the destiny of the remnants of humankind in a hostile solar system. Set against the backdrop of the Adalian asteroid belt, players become space-faring entrepreneurs, tasked with developing an economic empire and navigating the challenges of space colonization.

The Adalian Asteroid Belt

In the vastness of space, asteroids become the new frontier. In Influence, asteroids are the equivalent of land, serving as the foundation for economic activity. Each asteroid, represented as NFTs, possesses a unique composition of resources essential for survival and prosperity. Players can:

  • Mine for resources.
  • Construct buildings, ships, and other infrastructure.
  • Lease rights to other players using in-game smart contracts.
  • Build marketplaces to facilitate trade and generate income.

Command Your Crew

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Every player controls a crew of up to five crewmates, each belonging to one of five classes: Pilot, Merchant, Engineer, Miner, and Scientist. These crewmates are pivotal in guiding your journey, with each class offering distinct skills and advantages. The narrative of each crewmate is etched on the blockchain, ensuring every action becomes a part of their enduring story.

Ships are the lifeline in Influence, enabling players to traverse the asteroid belt. With realistic orbital mechanics and fuel consumption, players must strategically plot their flight paths. Engage in real-time combat, where the stakes are high, and the consequences of defeat can be dire. Mining is the cornerstone of the game's economy. Extract raw materials, refine them, and craft assets essential for growth. As players progress, they can delve into research and development, unlocking new technologies and enhancing their capabilities.

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Influence boasts a player-driven economy where every transaction is peer-to-peer. The game's utility token, SWAY (Standard Weighted Adalian Yield), facilitates in-game transactions. Players can earn SWAY through various activities, from mining and trading to leasing asteroid lots.

How to Get Started

To start playing Influence, newcomers will require a crewmate, some initial SWAY for building purchases, and a few credits for in-game actions. The "Basic Starter Pack" is expected to be priced under $25 at its launch. Players can engage in the game, earn SWAY, and acquire in-game Player Owned Game Assets without any additional purchases.

While there's no ongoing fee for playing Influence, certain in-game actions will incur network transaction fees due to its decentralized server foundation. Instead of a monthly subscription, players pay based on their actions, which is estimated to be around $5 to $15 monthly for an active player. Additionally, in-game currency can be exchanged for network credits.

About Influence


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Influence is a space-themed MMO where players navigate a challenging solar system, shaping humanity's fate in the Adalian asteroid belt and building economic empires.


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