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Heroes of Mavia


Build your army, defend your base and fight for Ruby in Heroes of Mavia - the first AAA base-builder strategy game built on Web3. The future of play-and-earn is here.

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Heroes of Mavia is a play-and-earn game that utilizes blockchain technology and NFTs. The game is set on the island of Mavia, where players aim to construct and develop their armies and engage in battles with other players using resources obtained by attacking other bases. The primary resources in the game are Gold, Oil, and RUBY, Mavia's in-game cryptocurrency.


Similar to Clash of Clans, players in Mavia Island build and grow their bases, train armies, and battle other players. However, what sets Mavia Island apart is the ability to earn real cryptocurrency, specifically RUBY, by competing against other players.

To start earning Heroes of Mavia's RUBY, players must first build a ground and air forces, which consist of vehicle, infantry, and air units. These forces can then be used to battle other players and protect their own base from attacks. Additionally, players should assemble a defensive army and upgrade their troops to increase their defense. This can be especially important when trying to protect valuable resources.

To progress in Heroes of Mavia, players should also level up their HQ. A higher level HQ allows for more advanced buildings, which can be used to further strengthen a player's base and army. Maximizing walls and towers is also crucial for protecting the base and buildings from attackers. Players should deploy traps and decoys to further defend their base. Traps can help players catch opponents off-guard and defend their base against attacks.

In addition to the excitement of battling other players and building an army, Mavia Island offers the unique opportunity to earn real cryptocurrency. By successfully competing against other players, gamers can earn more RUBY to use as they please.

In-Game NFTs

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Heroes of Mavia is a unique game that offers players a variety of in-game items that are available as NFTs, making them unique and tradeable. Among the most important NFTs are Land, Hero, and Statue, each of which serves a unique purpose and has its own value. These NFTs can be upgraded over time, increasing their value and making them even more valuable to players.

The Land NFT is essential to the game as owning a base is required to play. Each base is a unique NFT that can be resold on the marketplace, rented out for passive income, or put into a “partnership” for a new user to use the base and split RUBY profits 50/50 with the owner. Heroes are also an important NFT in the game, as they assist players in both attacking opponent bases and protecting their home base in defensive battles. Each base is able to equip a maximum of four Heroes, making them a valuable asset to have in the game.

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Statues are another type of NFT that can be placed on a base to give a boost to base stats, production rates, and more. A base can hold up to four statues at any given time, with each statue increasing the speed and efficiency of the base. This can include improvements to resource production, cooldown time, building time, troop training time, and more, making statues an essential part of the game for players who want to excel.

How to Get Started

Heroes of Mavia is still under development with a probable release date within mid-2023. So far, the gameplay footage we have seen looks definitely exciting.

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Heroes of Mavia

Build your base, grow your army and earn Ruby by conquering enemy bases throughout Heroes of Mavia.




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