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The Marvel Ultimate Alliance franchise, among many others, stood out in their unique approach to the dungeon crawler genre where players select unique characters to complete their quest with. Guild of Guardians comes into web3 gaming offering a multiplayer, fantasy, action RPG where players build their dream team of Guardians and compete in a guild to earn epic rewards. 


Players will get to select their four best warriors to represent their team going into battle. During the selection process, you can’t simply choose your strongest characters without taking into consideration composition and synergies. Guild of Guardians puts a lot of emphasis on Factional, Class, and Elemental synergies. All of which give you a range of buffs to your own characters or debuffs your enemies.

On top of these synergies, Guild of Guardians adopts the classic RPG roles as well; Tank, Healer, DPS, and Support. The balance between them is important to keep your team alive throughout their dungeon quests. Once confronted with enemies, the time you spent in carefully theorizing the synergies and role balance in your team pays off when you are able to juggle a high combo.

Speaking of combos, Guild of Guardians features a combo attack system which allows for skilled players who dodge and time attacks correctly to rack up incredible damage numbers. This high damage output enables you to clear dungeons faster, and thus earning resources, currency, and equipment. These can be spent later on to upgrade your team’s equipment, skills, or even purchase new more powerful characters to add to your roster. 

There are multiple ways to buff up or regen your team going into dungeons, mainly Pets and Energy Boosters. The latter is simply to keep your heroes topped up going into several dungeons per day. Your team has an energy system which refills over time, and is depleted whenever you enter a dungeon. Therefore, you will need an Energy Booster NFT, which provide a permanent boost to energy.

On the other hand, pets act as companions in any other game. Their main role is to simply give your roster a passive buff, ranging from increased attacking stats to increased loot drop rewards. All of these pets are NFTs as well, available for purchase by players even prior to jumping into Guild of Guardians.

The main earning mechanism in Guild of Guardians are: 

  • Trading the items earned through your dungeon quests
  • Crafting valuable NFTs from the resources you collect
  • Exclusive heroes obtained through merging multiple lower tiered versions
  • Rewards for completing daily challenges
  • Leaderboard prizes

Future modes include Guild Raids and Guild PvP, which will definitely have their own dedicated rewards as well. Of course, another major aspect showcased in the game's recent massive partnership announcement is esports.

The studio has proven time and time again its emphasis on building a competitive environment for Guild of Guardians players to enjoy. The structure of these tournaments is yet to fully materialize but with the support of such historic esports organizations, things are bound to get exciting.


Guild of Guardians brings a quality web3 game to mobile devices. The title is easy to pick up but difficult to master as it can leave you for hours theorizing the perfect team composition with their respective attachments.

The improvements being implemented following the latest early access phase promise a bigger and better game than what players were already impressed by. There are little flaws here and there that you can be overlooked in a generally enjoyable game overall.

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Guild of Guardians Review

Guild of Guardians is one of the high quality web3 games targeting mobile players. With esports, engaging PVE, and tons of characters for players to choose from and get to know through the title's lore, Guild of Guardians has paved its own road to success if all the pieces fall into place.



Complex team selection screen

Engaging combat system

Tons of combinations to theorize


Clunky mechanics

Occasional glitches especially during hectic fights

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About Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians

Guild Of Guardians is a multiplayer, fantasy, action RPG where players build their dream team of Guardians and compete in a guild to earn epic rewards.




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