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Gravity pulls you into a vibrant anime fantasy universe where you can pick from six unique classes and embark on an exciting adventure. Level up your heroes, score some epic loot, and enjoy a game that combines fun gameplay with cool blockchain rewards.

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Gravity is a browser-based Idle MMORPG game where players embark on an adventure set in an anime fantasy world. Players start by choosing one of six classes and play through the main campaign as their Hero NFTs. The game initially launches with a single-player campaign mode, where the main objective is to level up heroes and equip them with the highest quality items. Alongside its rich lore and multiple progression paths, Gravity also offers a built-in earning mechanism for players.

Players are transported to a distant future where humanity has expanded beyond Earth and established colonies across various planets. The game's lore revolves around the struggles and triumphs of these colonies as they navigate the complexities of survival in uncharted space. The main storyline follows a group of explorers who uncover ancient alien technologies that could either save or doom humanity. This discovery sets off a chain of events leading players through a series of epic adventures, filled with twists and turns.

Gameplay and Features

Gravity offers a diverse gameplay experience with several key elements:

Heroes: Heroes are the in-game avatars that players use to navigate the world of Gravity. These are NFTs on the BNB Chain, starting as level 1 characters with mutable metadata and art that update based on the player’s achievements and progression. Initially, there are six classes available:

  1. Warrior
  2. Demon Knight
  3. Shinobi
  4. Ranger
  5. Soul Reaper
  6. Sage

Each class has unique attributes and enhancements that determine their effectiveness in quests and combat.

Quests are the main source of XP, Gold, Celestial Power, and Loot for heroes. Players embark on these quests by checking the World Map and clicking on the available zones. Zones are unlocked based on the hero’s level, item level, faction alignment, or completion of previous quest chains. As an Idle RPG, players do not actively engage during the quest itself. Instead, success is determined by the hero’s level and the quality of their equipped items.

Loot items are essential for increasing a hero’s power. These items are off-chain and tied to the hero’s metadata, making them transferable when the hero is sold. Heroes can equip up to eight items at any time, with items classified into different rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Rare+, Epic, Epic+, Legendary, and Mythic.

Enhancement points are needed to upgrade the attributes of Loot items. These points are earned by sacrificing unwanted Loot items, with higher rarity items yielding more points. Enhancement points can also be earned using Gold, Celestial Power, and Primal Nether.

Gravity features a unique earning mechanism where players can earn both stablecoin rewards in USDT and GRAV tokens. Rewards are based on an effort-based leaderboard system and the overall health of the Gravity economy. GRAV emissions depend on in-game spending and the percentage of GRAV tokens staked.

Gravity’s structure ensures that all in-game assets, except for Hero NFTs, are off-chain. This approach avoids the constant need for wallet prompts and transaction confirmations, aiming for a smoother gaming experience. In-game achievements and equipped items are linked directly to the Hero NFT, updating its metadata. This allows players to sell their leveled-up heroes, with all their progress intact, to new owners who can continue playing from where the previous owner left off.

The Affinity system allows heroes to choose an elemental affinity that suits their class. There are five base affinities: Water, Fire, Wind, Earth, and Lightning. Each affinity improves specific attributes and can be leveled up to 100. Once two affinities reach level 100, they can be combined into advanced affinities, providing powerful boosts and access to exclusive Loot.

NFTs and Blockchain

Gravity Scholar Program

The Gravity Scholar Program allows GRAV holders to back their favorite players and participate in their rewards. The default reward split is 70% to the player and 30% to the Scholar, but players can adjust this rate. Scholars can track player metrics through a built-in dashboard, helping them make informed decisions. Players can have a maximum of 3,000,000 GRAV staked behind them, which boosts their VIP rank and Theos score.

Genesis NFTs

Details on Genesis NFTs will be announced soon. These NFTs will have clear in-game utility and permanent boosts to a hero’s earning potential. Genesis NFTs and Gravity Cores will be fused with Hero NFTs to provide permanent upgrades.

How to Get Started

Getting started with Gravity is easy and straightforward. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit the Official Website: Head over to the game link, which is available for web browsers.
  2. Summon Your Hero: Choose and summon one of the six hero types, each with their own stats, strengths, and weaknesses. Note that the summoning process will require a crypto wallet connection and a minimal gas fee.
  3. Select an Element/Affinity: After summoning your hero, choose an element or affinity to complement their abilities.
  4. Begin Your Adventure: Start your idle journey, upgrading your hero and conquering quests along the way.

About Gravity


Gravity is a browser-based Idle MMORPG where you dive into an anime fantasy world, level up your Hero NFTs, and earn rewards through an epic single-player campaign.


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