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Goons of Balatroon is currently free to play in a browser using a pre-generated deck. These are all excellent incentives for attracting players before they need to spend money or engage with any web3 elements.

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Upon your initial entry into Goon Wars, you have the opportunity to create an avatar and choose your team, which consists of the Bulls vs. Bears. Your choice of team has an impact on a community-wide leaderboard, which I find to be a great way to introduce competition and foster community engagement.

Your Goons of Balatroon avatar serves as your representation during battles, and you must then construct your deck. The cards have varying attributes such as attack, defense, specials, rarities, and types, and your deck consists of 30 cards. Notably, these cards don't have an energy cost, unlike other TCGs. Once your deck is ready, you can search for an opponent.

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In the first round, the first player can only place one creature card on the board, although there's no limit on special cards. To offset the first player advantage, the second player can place two creature cards. As the rounds progress, you gain more slots on the board and draw an additional card each round. Each slot also adopts the type of card placed on it, which some card specials rely on. The history of cards played is displayed alongside the game, and there are also "mystery" gems next to your avatars.

The ultimate objective is to reduce your opponent's avatar's health to zero, without necessarily destroying their creature cards unless they possess special abilities. Your wins and losses are recorded and contribute to the leaderboard.

I particularly enjoy the creative card names and artwork, which distinguish Goon Wars from other TCGs I've played. It incorporates humor, including some adult-themed content, without being exclusively tied to cryptocurrency, which can be a drawback in other games.

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Understanding the special abilities and spells is relatively straightforward, thanks to the thorough card descriptions. However, my only issue (which could be a matter of skill) is that you can quickly run out of cards, and having nothing to play can be less enjoyable.

The player base appears relatively small. While I was able to find games quickly, I kept facing the same opponent repeatedly. The absence of matchmaking rating (MMR) or card ratings can make it challenging for new players to start without feeling demoralized by numerous losses.

The Goons of Balatroon's pacing is well-balanced, providing an engaging experience without excessive pressure or long waiting periods.


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I used the free deck and found myself at a disadvantage. You have the option to purchase cards in packs or individually, with pricing comparable to standard TCGs in the physical world. This difference in performance between free and paid decks is common in all TCGs, including physical versions. Nevertheless, I appreciate the variety and types of cards available.

The artwork is captivating, the mechanics are solid, and I see great potential in this game. At its current stage, I don't believe it will replace your favorite TCG, but if you're a TCG enthusiast, it's worth exploring.

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Goons of Balatroon Review

I started with a free deck and faced a noticeable disadvantage. However, you can buy cards individually or in packs, and the pricing is in line with traditional physical TCGs, where performance disparities between free and paid decks are standard. Despite this, I'm impressed by the diverse range of cards and captivating artwork. While Goon Wars may not replace your favorite TCG just yet, it shows substantial potential and is worth exploring if you're a TCG enthusiast.



Engaging Art Style

Intriguing Modifiers and Special Abilities

Team-Based Leaderboards


Free Decks Face Tough Competition

Limited Player Pool

Occasional Inactivity During Turns

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