Farcana is a multiplayer third-person hero shooter developed by a studio boasting a team of over 120 people. Players can choose their hero, team up with friends, and engage in arena battles. The game's lore, available on their website, reveals that Farcana was created as a research initiative, where heroes undergo an 'Axelar Transformation' procedure and compete in championships broadcasted on Mars and Earth.

Currently, the game is accessible through Farcana's own PC launcher, which has low hardware requirements.

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Upon entering the game, players encounter the main menu, offering options to form teams with friends, participate in multiplayer or single-player modes. Players can select from four character classes: Tactical, Healer, Disruptor, and Frontliner, each with unique weapons and abilities.

In-game, players can engage in three main modes: Tactical, where they complete objectives like destroying the opposing team's base; Strategic, where capturing objectives is the key to victory; and Arcade, a future addition designed for entertainment.

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Although Farcana has all the potential to create a great hero shooter for the eSports arena, it sadly falls very short in doing so. A presence of joy destroying bugs as well as inadequate sound design leave a lot more to be desired from this huge studio.

In terms of graphics, they are at an adequate level when it comes to the general environment. However when looking at it deeper in terms of graphic effects such as animations coming from weapons there is a lack of detail, so this could use some major improvement.

This brings me to sound design. Most weapons do not have a distinguished sound that you would expect in this game genre. In addition to this, they sound ever so slightly off compared to when the gun actually shoots which is another improvement that could be made.

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Then comes the gameplay. In my experience of trying to run a lobby of 4v4 people, we spent a hefty amount of time getting the teams to work. This left us entering the game individually and ruined the experience there. In addition to this, the game sometimes starts with bugs that don't allow bots to leave their initial area and safety shields not retracting. Moreover, it is hard to tell in the capture the base mode how far along you are in capturing this and making this more clear would help.

When comparing it to similar games in similar stages of development, Farcana lacks excitement, is riddled with bugs that create problems and a huge amount of work will be required to bring this game to the level that correlates to the hype that it has.

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Farcana Review

Farcana, despite its potential as an eSports hero shooter, disappoints due to major issues. Game-breaking bugs and subpar sound design detract from the experience. While the graphics are passable for the general environment, they lack detail in weapon animations, requiring significant improvement. Sound design also falls short, with most weapons lacking distinctive sounds expected in the genre. Gameplay struggles with team setup issues and occasional bugs, undermining the overall experience



Simple to grasp

Offers a wide range of character choices


Contains game-breaking bugs

Falls short in terms of visual and sound excitement

The team feature experiences functionality issues

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Farcana is a web3 metaverse that blends battle royale excitement with NFTs and a play-to-earn model. This dystopian future game set on Mars adds real-world significance to strategy, skill, and stakes.


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