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Ember Sword describes itself as a social sandbox MMORPG taking place in a player-driven universe. Players get to choose their own adventure open-world game in which they are not constrained to achieving a specific goal. 

The game enables players to shape their own experience and write their own story, giving them the freedom to explore, interact, modify the landscape, and affect every aspect of Ember Sword’s world.



From the get go, Ember Sword makes it clear to its players the world is their playground and they are free to forge their own path. Similar to Mriandus, you can be anything from one of the most skilled adventurers and feared warriors to a peaceful forager of goods and collectibles and a master of trade. The beauty of the game lies in the freedom it grants its player base to enjoy it as they see fit.

Depending on your profession, you can craft various equipment that help you become more efficient and acquire more valuable items. Throughout your journey across Ember Sword, you come across various resources. This is contrary to The Treeverse approach of classless characters clarified by Loopify in our exclusive interview.

These can be combined later on to become consumables, valuable items you can trade for other rare resources on the market, and powerful weapons. Each weapon type has its own associated skill for example, which gives you an edge in battle and can shift its tides in your favor. 

Ember Sword’s world is ruled by four distinct nations; Solarwood, Sevrend, Duskeron, and Ediseau, Each with their own recognizable terrain, professions, enemies, and quests to accomplish.



Sevrend stands out with its lush forest inhabited by tons of wild animals. You need to get through alien beasts and carnivorous fauna if you wish to get through the jungle. On your way, you might come across the dispossessed population of Sevrend, and it is your choice whether you want to help them with their stand against the Republic.


The frigid tundra of Ediseau holds the seat of power for the Republic’s undisputed rule over the northern hemisphere of the moon. This is the heart and soul of Ember Sword’s politicians and ruling class. Those interested in becoming leaders and help make influential decisions, Ediseau is for you.



Within Ember Sword, Solarwood stands out as the intellectual hub for all astronomers and scholars to come together and discuss the latest technological discoveries and advancements. At the center of the city lies an academy, which holds extremely important documents and all the knowledge a curious explorer can seek.


With every clip Ember Sword shares, our excitement builds up to get our hands on the game and see how it feels. The unique social sandbox MMORPG is definitely expansive enough to keep you hooked for hours on end, and even create multiple characters to pursue multiple roles. That’s always the beauty of these games and the replayability value they bring with it to web3 gaming. We are definitely looking forward to the nearest early access release to form a more comprehensive outlook.

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Ember Sword

Ember Sword is a social sandbox MMORPG taking place in a player-driven universe where the adventure finds you.


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