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Earth From Another Sun, or EFAS for short, is an expansive blockchain-powered sci-fi franchise. It entails a galactic sandbox featuring an ever-expanding multiplayer galaxy with many unique locations to explore, NPCs to meet, quests, and loot to discover.

Gameplay & Game Modes

With similarities to Mass Effect and Destiny, Earth From Another Sun allows players to build their army, establish their faction, and conquer planets in raid-like dungeon runs with waves of enemies and bosses trying to take you down.

We have participated previously in a Fractal tournament during the game's Early Access phase. It was definitely enjoyable and showed tremendous promise, especially with the emphasis on cooperative gameplay at the time. The enemies felt diverse enough to keep you guessing what their next move would be.

However, at the time, there were a few issues that show you Earth From Another Sun is nowhere near a complete game yet. This includes boss fights feeling a little lackluster since they are just bigger sized versions of the enemies you faced before with no unique attacking patterns. All you have to do is kite them as much as you can till you take them down.

After defeating them, you would expect higher quality loot. Unfortunately, that's not the case since you just get the same type of loot dropped by regular enemies but in bigger quantities.

Earth From Another Sun features several multiplayer game modes and future experiences, games, and collaborations with other art forms. Players can participate in raids with up to 1000 combat units and vehicles, using hundreds of unique weapons, weapon mods, abilities, and enemies that provide a fresh combat experience every session.

It doesn’t end there as first-person shooter arenas, battle royale modes, and a roguelike game are just a few of what the Earth From Another Sun team has in store for the future.

The studio does a tremendous job in consistently adding new content and improving upon the existing features with a detailed blog post on their website every 2 weeks, keeping their community up to date with the latest changes and implementing their feedback.


Earth From Another Sun is the closest thing we have to Destiny at the moment in web3 gaming. With the amount of content, regular updates, and new features coming into the game regularly, there is always something new to experience whenever you step away from the game and come back to it later.

Their latest companion mint as well gave players an extra character they can take with them into battle to give them various buffs and aid them in taking down enemies. The future looks bright for Earth From Another Sun but it will take some time for it to reach its true potential.

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Earth From Another Sun Review

Earth From Another Sun is an ambitious web3 title with expansive PVE and PVP battles, exciting dungeon raids, and tons of content for players to go through. If you manage to overlook its glaring shortcomings, it can make for an enjoyable experience.



Multiple classes

Expansive battles and dungeons

Variety of modes to experience


Lackluster boss fights

Repetitive dungeon loop

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Earth From Another Sun

Earth From Another Sun is an open-world MMORPG set in a sci-fi world where players can fight, trade, loot, build, raise children, recruit vassals, clear dungeons, win wars, and go on conquests.