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Dragon Strike


Join the world of Dragon Strike. Engage in city-building, puzzle RPG adventures, recruit heroes, and delve into dungeons and events.

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Dragon Strike is an enthralling free-to-play NFT game developed by Ember Entertainment and part of the GALA Games ecosystem. The game offers a captivating blend of city-building and puzzle RPG elements. You will embark on an epic journey where you'll create and expand your own city, recruit formidable heroes, conquer dungeons, and participate in thrilling events.

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Building Your City

Your journey in Dragon Strike revolves around the growth and management of your city, a central hub that provides the foundation for your adventures. The Town Hall stands as the pivotal structure, serving as your town's epicenter. As you progress and level up, the Town Hall unlocks access to more land and higher-level buildings, allowing you to expand your city's infrastructure and capabilities. Resource gathering plays a vital role in your city's development, with resources such as Stone, Alexa, and Gold collected from various sources contributing to the construction and enhancement of your city.

In addition to the Town Hall, you'll have access to research buildings that enable you to improve your city's efficiency and unlock valuable upgrades. The Tavern serves as a recruitment hub, allowing you to enlist new Heroes into your ranks. These Heroes, ranging from three-star to higher-rarity units, are the backbone of your squad and require strategic management and development. Meanwhile, the Dragon Lair provides you with the opportunity to hatch and assign Dragons to your Heroes, augmenting their abilities and adding passive stat enhancements. To safeguard your hard-earned resources, the game offers storage facilities to ensure their protection.

Recruiting and Leveling Heroes

Heroes are the driving force behind your success in Dragon Strike. Recruiting and nurturing them is a core aspect of gameplay. Hero recruitment involves acquiring these formidable characters through a variety of means, including summoning stones, gems, and event-based recruitment opportunities. Your initial Heroes will typically be of three-star rarity, but as you progress, your aim will be to summon higher-rarity Heroes to bolster your squad's power.

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Once recruited, it's essential to invest in the growth of your Heroes. This is achieved through leveling them up. Training your Heroes can be done using training dummies or by sacrificing other Heroes. It's beneficial to match Heroes of the same color during this process, as it provides a valuable bonus. Choosing the right abilities for your Heroes is crucial, and prioritizing Heroes with counter-attack, healing, and defensive skills can significantly impact your success. Striking a balance within your team composition is essential, ensuring that you have a versatile and robust squad ready for various challenges.

Conquering the Campaign and Dungeons

Dragon Strike's gameplay unfolds through engaging battles in both the campaign and dungeons. The campaign takes you through a compelling narrative, where you'll engage in battles by matching gem combos and strategically utilizing your Heroes' abilities. Effective management of gem combos is essential since these combos determine the damage output of your Heroes. Additionally, certain Heroes excel against specific elemental types, requiring you to strategize and exploit elemental weaknesses for optimal results.

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Dungeons introduce another layer of challenge. These unique adventures offer exclusive rewards, and your success hinges on your ability to plan your Hero lineup and resource allocation wisely. Keep in mind that resources are limited for each dungeon run, so thoughtful preparation is key to victory. Whether you're advancing through the campaign or conquering dungeons, Dragon Strike's battle system offers depth and strategic depth to keep players engaged.

Special Events and PvP

Dragon Strike offers an array of special events and player versus environment (PvE) content to keep the gameplay experience fresh and exciting. These events present opportunities to earn valuable rewards, including Gala tokens and NFTs, which add an additional layer of collectibility and excitement to the game. Joining a guild becomes particularly advantageous in these events, as it provides a platform for collaboration and resource sharing, enabling players to achieve more significant success.

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For those seeking competitive challenges, the Arena provides a PvP experience. Engage in battles where you face off against opponents' Heroes controlled by NPCs. As you secure victories in the Arena, you'll earn trophies and gems, further enhancing your progress in the game. The combination of special events, guild participation, and PvP battles ensures that Dragon Strike offers a dynamic and varied gaming experience.

How to Get Started

To embark on your adventure in Dragon Strike, follow these essential steps:

Step 1: Download and Install

  • Dragon Strike is available on both iOS and Android platforms.
  • Visit your device's app store, search for "Dragon Strike," and hit the download button. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the installation.

Step 2: Build Your Base

  • Upon launching the game, you'll be prompted to establish your city. This will be your primary base of operations.
  • As you level up and complete missions, your city will grow, unlocking new areas and advanced buildings.

Step 3: Gather Resources

  • The game revolves around collecting essential resources like Stone, Alexa, and Gold.
  • Construct and upgrade mines, farms, and other resource-generating structures to ensure a steady flow of materials.
  • Efficiently manage and allocate your resources to fund city expansions, Hero upgrades, and other essential tasks.

Step 4: Recruit and Upgrade Heroes

  • Use the game's summoning system to recruit new Heroes. While you'll start with basic three-star Heroes, you'll eventually have the chance to summon powerful four and five-star champions.
  • Enhance your Heroes' skills and abilities by training them, ensuring they're ready for the challenges ahead.

Step 5: Strategize Your Team Composition

  • Ensure your team has a mix of attack, defense, support, and healing units. This balanced approach will help you tackle various challenges and enemy compositions.
  • Some Heroes work better together due to their skills and abilities. Experiment with different team combinations to find the perfect synergy.

Step 6: Harness the Power of Dragons

  • In Dragon Strike, Dragons aren't just foes but allies too! Equip your Heroes with Dragons to provide them with passive boosts and special abilities.
  • Just like Heroes, Dragons can be leveled up and evolved, increasing their power and the bonuses they provide.

Step 7: Engage in Battles

  • Progress through the game's story by completing campaign missions. Each mission will test your strategy and team composition.
  • Test your mettle against other players in the PvP arena. Climb the ranks and earn exclusive rewards.

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Dragon Strike

Dragon Strike masterfully combines city-building with puzzle RPG features. Players can build cities, gather heroes, explore dungeons, and join exciting events.


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