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Defimons is an engaging MMORPG focused on monster capturing, where players have the opportunity to catch various creatures, craft valuable items, accomplish quests, and much more.

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Defimons is a contemporary MMORPG that boasts a monster-taming theme rendered in a vintage pixelart style. It combines an engaging narrative, strategic turn-based battles, and a variety of minigames. Furthermore, it enhances player interaction with regularly scheduled multiplayer events and frequent game updates, all encapsulated within one immersive gaming universe.


Players are swept into an ever-changing narrative in Defimons, shaped by their in-game decisions. In the wilderness, they may encounter wild monsters, hunters, and teams, the latter two providing various rewarding challenges. Using a sync crystal, they can capture a wild monster, whereas fighting hunters and teams is an excellent way to train their monsters.

The combat follows a relatively straightforward turn-based system, but it is nuanced with different variables and quirks. Players need to study their monsters thoroughly, and make calculated decisions about learning new moves, and selecting the right attack, considering the dynamic circumstances during the battles.

The adventurous can send their monsters on risky yet rewarding expeditions, which require providing sufficient health and stamina packs for their monsters' survival. Successful adventures offer ample experience for monsters, and a chance to score useful items for players. However, if an adventure goes south, monsters might get lost, leaving the players unable to access them.

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Further enhancing the game's complexity are the activities of farming and fishing. Both are dependent on time and skills, and allow players to obtain useful items and crops. In farming, players can grow a variety of fruits, each with a unique role within the game's economy. For instance, berries can be used to create scents, useful for attracting or repelling certain monsters. Farming requires planting seeds, waiting for them to grow, and then harvesting the crops. These seeds can be bought directly from the store or found during battles, quests, and so on.

Fishing, an activity which fetches more than just fish, enables players to uncover items like seeds, trash, crystals in lakes, rivers, and other water bodies. These can be crafted into practical items for battles or other in-game activities.

Players have the opportunity to own in-game land, which they can customize with the help of a drag-and-drop editor integrated into the game. Inviting other players, hosting events, and other communal activities can be done within these player-owned lands. Mechanically, these apartments provide players' monsters with a free health boost over time, offering a cost-saving alternative to health packs for regular players. Players also have the option to rent out rest slots to others for a small fee, even though owning an apartment is not mandatory.

To add to the game's re-playability, Defimons features various minigames. Skins for these minigames can be earned through completing daily missions, achieving high scores, and fulfilling quests. For instance, Pandoro Run, inspired by one of the most popular defimons, is an endless runner game where players control Pandoro. They must navigate through a range of obstacles while collecting diamonds, aiming for the highest score possible.

How to Get Started

Defimons is currently available to play directly through your browser, and will be available for both iOS and Android at a later date. The game is a free-to-play MMORPG, meaning players can enjoy the full scope of the game without needing to make any purchases. Every player embarks on their journey with a common monster, which, interestingly, is different from the typical starter monsters. This allows everyone to begin their adventure on an equal footing and explore the immersive world of Defimons at their own pace.

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Explore the world of Defimons and encounter wild monsters, hunters, and teams along the way.


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