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Defi Kingdoms is a fantasy RPG world where players control three different classes of heroes. Developed by Kingdom Studios, a large team divided into five main teams on their website: Player Engagement, Digital, Blockchain, Application, and Revenue and Operations. With a specialized team of 16 members, they aim to offer players an immersive experience in a world filled with adventure.

The game features pixelated graphics and partnerships that facilitate smooth transitions between various blockchain chains, enabling players to dive into the Defi Kingdoms fantasy realm. Currently playable on web browsers, the game runs efficiently on low-end hardware. To play, heroes can be acquired using the native token, jewels, through the tavern.

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The game's lore centers around the world of Gaia, where a once-unified civilization split into two groups—one driven by technological advancements and the other still appreciating nature's beauty. The god Irae intervenes, separating the continents with vast oceans. Over time, the kingdoms rediscover their connection to nature, leading to their reconnection.


Upon loading the game, players encounter an introductory window offering quick links to tutorials on bridging assets, documentation, and articles. This feature, although switchable, serves as a useful guide since no further tutorials are available once players enter the game. The tutorial mentions bridging characters through the outpost, but there is no such location on the default map. Players must find the docks to bridge characters and tokens.

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After bridging assets, typically tokens used to purchase heroes, players can visit the Tavern to make their first purchase. There are twelve basic hero classes that can be combined through summoning to create higher-rarity heroes. As heroes are combined, they become more effective with improved stats. The graphic below illustrates the possible combinations for higher-rarity heroes.

Once players have heroes, they can engage in two types of quests: profession quests and training quests. These quests can be accessed through a side tab on the right-hand side of the main screen. Profession quests increase player levels and profession skills while offering rewards like Gaia's tears. Training quests provide shvas runes for leveling up heroes, gold, and other items, though success rates are not guaranteed, and each trainer specializes in specific hero stats.

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Additionally, players can participate in various activities such as duels, hunts, farming jewels and crystals, all conveniently accessible via the map or the right-hand side scroll bar.


Defi Kingdoms initially offers a welcoming experience with appealing visuals and soothing background music. However, the absence of an in-game tutorial poses a challenge. Players must rely on an external tutorial from the introduction screen, which contains inconsistencies like mentioning the outpost, which does not exist on the default map. Only after scrolling down fully does the tutorial introduce the docks, where players can bridge their items.

The confusion continues as players must bridge items across chains unless they use the onramp option at the docks, which is not clearly indicated. The only available option for gameplay is found in the combat testing, which is not prominently featured. Here, players can test combat abilities, but they use the same heroes each time, limiting the new player experience.

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On the audio front, Kingdom Studios impresses with a well-executed audio experience that changes with each screen change. The sound effects are aptly timed and enhance the gaming experience.

Graphically, Defi Kingdoms offers a beautiful pixelated world with well-designed areas. The graphic effects during combat are noteworthy, surpassing other pixelated games. However, the visual representation of heroes in combat lacks detail and could be improved for a more immersive experience.

The overwhelming actions required of new players without adequate guidance leads to a disappointing onboarding experience. Once past these hurdles, players encounter a gameplay loop with limited direction, relying on player-made tutorials. Updating the tutorial page and creating an easily navigable guide could address the game's major issues and enhance the overall gaming experience.

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DeFi Kingdoms Review

The lack of proper guidance for new DeFi Kingdoms players results in a frustrating initial experience. After overcoming these initial difficulties, players face a gameplay loop that lacks clear direction and relies on user-created tutorials. This, amongst other drawbacks, make for a very short-lived experience playing the game if you are not there for the DeFi elements of it.



Exceptional audio design

Captivating pixelated world design


Absence of an in-game tutorial

Challenging onboarding experience

Lack of clear player progression path

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DeFi Kingdoms

DeFi Kingdoms is a captivating play-to-earn role-playing game with a medieval setting. The game's delightful pixelated characters engage in various activities, from visiting taverns to exploring banks and gardens.