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Players engage in fierce multi-realm battles in an expansive Sci-Fi Medieval game world. CRYOWAR is an all-out battle of skill where the best players are in constant battle for resources, territories, and world domination.

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Cryowar features both PvP and PvE modes, offering various modes to cater to different players. The PVP gameplay specifically benefits heavily from the studio's cross-platform approach, allowing players to enjoy the game together even if they are not on the same device. As for the PVE, Cryowar managed to build a tremendously rich lore to pull you in and get you invested into what happens next.

The game takes players on an intergalactic adventure with tons of dangerous enemies they need to take down in the search for glory for their chosen God. The game takes place in the world of Solariance, with four Gods battling it out for supremacy.

  • Sullr, The Glacier God - Commanding the Guild of Nastra
  • Senemeer, The Shadow God - Commanding the Guild of Darakavan
  • Lavaden, The Firestorm God - Commanding the Guild of Faragoan.
  • Vigolar, The Desert God - Commanding the Guild of Akava

They didn't care for the damage and torment people experienced from their actions. The fight only ended with the Armistice of Akava. 10,000 years passed, the Armistice long forgotten, when the great oracles of Nastra and Akava mysteriously disappeared. Both of which acted as token servants of the Gods.

Their disappearance brought forth Sullr and Vigolar. As they rained terror on Faragoan’s kingdom, Sanameer and Lavaden returned from the Astral Plane to face them. This is where you, the player, enter the picture. Your role is to put an end to all of these battles and fight side by side to the God you pledge allegiance to. 


Cryowar has 3 classes of heroes. Each one with its own unique skill, skin, and attributes to fit different playstyles. What makes Cryowar stand out in the web3 gaming world for now is its potential to become the go-to high quality mobile MMO and multiplayer title.

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Centurion: A holy warrior who takes full advantage of both his immaculate guns and sword skills to keep his enemies at bay.


  • Explosive Shot: A direct blinding light-infused projectile that explodes on impact. All affected targets get an attack power debuff.
  • Incandescent Slice: Centurion throws an incandescent copy of his sword that explodes on impact in a medium radius. All affected targets get a defense power debuff.
  • Judgement Day: Centurion goes berserk, unleashing a devastating explosion of gunshots and sword slashes in a 360-degree radius.
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Valkyrie: a hero made for those who just want to run and gun and take out enemies from up close. Almost impossible to keep up with her fast pace and slashing blades.


  • Snake Bite: A horizontal blade slash that leaves enemies affected to receive damage over time.
  • Aurora of Blades: Valkyrie unleashes a whirlwind of blades that damages all nearby enemies in a 360-degree range.
  • Berserker: Valkyrie reaches his ultimate form, receiving a massive boost in offensive and defensive stats while radiating damaging power and energy around her.
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Heavy: more suited towards defensive players with his long range artillery and unprecedented might and resolve


  • Piercing Beam: A damaging directed beam of energy
  • Testudo: Puts down a defensive sphere around you to protect yourself and allies from incoming damage
  • Protective Artillery: Heavy aims his rockets into the air which split into smaller projectiles that rain down in a very large radius.

How to Get Started

Cryowar will be available across Android, iOS, and PC with cross-platform enabled for players to enjoy a more active playing experience.

For now, Cryowar is soft-launched exclusively in its first region, the Philippines. If you are in the eligible region, you can take part in this testing phase and learn more about the game by joining their Discord Server

About Cryowar




Cryowar is a real-time multiplayer PVP arena NFT game developed in Unreal Engine and on the Solana network.






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