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Cross The Ages



The Apologium sets the stage for a battlefield where you'll vie for the Primal Vibration, the ultimate source of power in the world. Two diametrically opposing worlds, one hinged on elemental magic and the other on technological advancements, will contend. The lore of 'Cross the Ages' is both profound and extensive, already encompassing two separate novels that offer immersion into its universe and backstory.


As per usual, let's begin with the game's visual appeal, specifically, the artwork on the cards. Much like many card games where the cards are of essential importance and their artwork is typically stunning, 'Cross the Ages' is no exception. Furthermore, the cards receive visual enhancements as they level up. At present, three out of five teased levels are discernible, each subsequent level introducing animated visuals. Moreover, each card acknowledges its respective artist within the game itself, and a full inspection of the card reveals the complete, borderless artwork used.

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Cross the Ages is a trading card game, and you may think, 'we're familiar with trading card games,' but trust me when I say this game will revolutionize your perspective. 'Cross the Ages' distinguishes itself not merely through its art style or animated cards but predominantly through its playing field. The game is uniquely staged on a 4x4 grid, unlike any of its competitors, and it boasts a distinctive gameplay and mechanics awaiting your exploration and mastery.

Upon your initial encounter with the game in the tutorials (which you'll undoubtedly need), you'll observe a complex, intricate, seven-element type-match-up chart shaped like a Heptagram. Grappling with the elemental advantages and synergies can be quite overwhelming, necessitating some time to adjust.

Once you've completed the tutorials and dare to venture into deck-building, you may initially feel a tad lost and puzzled as you assemble a 30-card deck from your available cards within a point cap. This process encourages you to continuously swap and reselect cards in hopes of crafting a deck that suits your play style and chosen element. The task can be initially daunting, and could certainly benefit from more guidance.

Beyond the deck creator and Heptagram, the game itself poses a challenge and requires a few rounds to adapt to. The mechanics and affinities are not the most straightforward to comprehend, and you'll need to embrace this novel style of trading card game. However, once you secure a better understanding and your first victories, you'll begin to spot increasingly more opportunities and tactics to incorporate into your games and decks to gain an advantage over your adversary.


The game is immensely enjoyable and can conclude in less than 12 minutes, given there's a limit to each player's time to strategize and make their move. This makes it a convenient game to play during short breaks. Additionally, the game keeps you engaged and alert, as each card played can drastically shift the entire dynamic of the playing field, thus influencing your decisions necessary to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

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Cross The Ages Review

Cross The Ages offers immense enjoyment with quick matches lasting less than 12 minutes, making it perfect for short breaks. Each player's limited time to strategize adds excitement, as every card played can dramatically alter the game. Stay engaged and make tactical decisions to gain the upper hand in this thrilling experience.



Credits individual artists for card art

Accessible on mobile and desktop

Unique game mechanics


Card names lack creativity

Background audio loop lacks variation

Deckbuilder lacks explanation

Missed opportunity to add sound effects for special summons

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About Cross The Ages


Cross The Ages

Cross The Ages

Cross The Ages (CTA) is a mobile-first trading card game set in a dystopian world and based on seven fantasy and science fiction novels.


Cross The Ages


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