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Crabada is an idle game available on most native platforms. Earn in-game rewards in exciting, Battle gameplay as you send your Crabada NFTs to Battle for riches and glory.

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Crabada gameplay 1.webp
Crabada gameplay.webp
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Crabada gameplay 1.webp
Crabada gameplay.webp

The studio behind this game has abandoned the title and no longer shares any updates. The information on this page is as of the latest public information.


With its diverse ecosystem and simplified game mechanics, Crabada is an exciting and fun Play-and-Earn idle turn-based RPG game that offers activities such as Mining, Looting, and Breeding. Players get to choose their strongest three crabs to take with them into battle. Each with unique strengths and abilities which are inherited through the breeding process.

Enter the realm of Crabada, a land once ruled by the mighty King Crustaco, the King of the Hermit-Crab Kingdom. As you explore Crabada, you can recruit followers to join your cause, mine for valuable resources, breed powerful warriors for your army, and even loot other players or unsuspecting miners for their riches. It is your journey so you either choose the path to eventually become the King of Crabada or be the name everyone fears.

Crabada Factions

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Crustaco was an adventurer and explorer who ventured into a dark, underwater cave and discovered crystals with the power of the sea. Recognizing their unique value, he called them "Treasure Under Sea" (TUS) and used them to unite all Crabada factions under his rule, becoming the King of the Crabs and founding the first Crabada Kingdom. This kingdom stretched across the seven seas, and its army of Hermit-Crab warriors was so powerful that the ground would tremble when they moved. Crustaco promised that the $TUS would change the world for the better.

From there, the six factions in the Crabada universe were born. Each one of them specializing in a unique combat style, with different powers and different outlooks on Crabada's future.

  • Crabs of the Abyss: After a young archeologist found himself drawn to a treasure ring discovered in the deepest and coldest cave of the Arctic ocean, the temptation kept them inside long enough till the cave collapsed, trapping his team deep underground. Since then, they tendered to the care of the growing crystals while fleet-footed Faerie Scouts patrolled the mines to protect them from looters.
  • Crabs of the Trench: A tribe of master excavators who focused on recovering sunken pirate treasure. Their passion for these treasures got too overwhelming till these artifacts started fusing with their bodies, providing additional protection from fierce blows and increasing their hardiness. They now serve as royal guards of the King and peacekeepers of the Empire.
  • Children of the Ore: According to legend, the Children of Ore were a family of strong, hardworking individuals who worked together to rebuild their home in rugged, underwater terrains. The challenges of the Red Sea and Persian Gulf served as a training ground for them, strengthening their mental resolve. They were known for their ability to work in perfect harmony, even in the face of harsh conditions.
  • Order of the Lux: There is a rumor that the Order of Lux was created by gods and scientists who worked together above and below the water for centuries. Over time, the Order of Lux made significant advances and improvements in the Gulf Stream, alongside luxurious cities such as Miami.
  • Machine Corps: The Machine Corp was founded in the Southern Ocean, which is home to large deposits of oil and gas. In order to defend themselves against the danger of icebergs, predatory seals, and whales, they adapted the technology and weaponry they found at the crash site, incorporating it into their bodies to become techno-warriors.
  • Family of Faeries:  There is rumor that the crabs were blessed by nature herself since they dedicate themselves to protecting and restoring life, making them nature's favorite creation.

Game Modes

Crabada gameplay 1.webp

Crabada makes sure each player passes through the game's various modes to scale up their knowledge about the game and seamlessly transition them from a beginner to a veteran. The game features Adventure, Mining and Looting, and Arena modes, and players get to experience them in that respective order as well.

As you fight through the islands in Adventure Mode, you will earn Player XP and Crystal Shells that will help you level up your Crabada. You will encounter increasingly difficult Mobs, culminating in a final boss at the end of each map. However, don't worry: after completing certain stages in Adventure Mode, you will gain access to Special Mining Zones where you can earn valuable rewards and treasure.

These Special Mining Zones allow you to mine or loot to earn valuable materials and Crystal Shells. These shells can be used to craft food for your crabada NFTs after each encounter to bring them back to their max efficiency, craft equipment for your characters to use in combat for improved stats, or simply sell these materials and crafted items on the in-game marketplace.

Once you are done with all of that, Arena Mode is where the true test is at, with intense PvP battles against other Crabada players for ranking on the leaderboard accompanied by seasonal rewards to keep improving your team for the next competition.

How to Get Started

Crabada is available on all platforms, and can be downloaded immediately on MacOS, Windows, and even iOS and Android mobile devices. Once downloaded, you will need to 'Register' which will direct you to the marketplace 'My Account Page.' From there, make sure to add your email and verify it, and you will be redirected to the main menu.

Unfortunately, you will have to buy at least 3 crabs from the game's NFT marketplace, or rent them to test out the game for yourself first. This will involve adding Avalanche on your Metamask and transferring the applicable currencies, which is explained in more detail here. Once done, you are good to kickoff your journey.  

About Crabada


Crabada is a cross-platform Web3 idle game based in a world filled with fierce fighting hermit crabs called Crabada