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Citadel 2.0 invites you into a vast universe of strategic gameplay and blockchain-based innovation. Set against the backdrop of the cosmos, players can build, trade, and conquer on a galactic scale.



Citadel 2.0 invites you into a vast universe where strategy, economics, and space exploration converge. Crafted on the Ethereum blockchain, this game is a testament to the seamless blend of modern gaming and blockchain technology. Experience a world where every decision impacts your journey through the cosmos.

Dominate the Galaxy as a Miner or a Marauder

Upon arrival to the Citadel, you'll notice your ship bears a designation: Miner or Marauder. This isn't just a title; it's a way of life, a career that will define your role in the galaxy.


Miners: The Backbone of Industry

As a Miner, your livelihood is carved out of the asteroid belts that orbit the fringes of space. Your mission is to warp these resource-rich fields, deploying your mining systems to extract valuable ore. The universe is dynamic, with asteroid belts constantly being discovered and depleted, presenting you with the critical decision: venture further into the unknown for richer ores or return to The Citadel to process your haul and invest in upgrades.

Your success as a Miner depends on strategic choices that align with your ship's capabilities — speed, fuel efficiency, and the prowess of your mining equipment. It's a delicate dance with risk, where knowledge and cunning are your greatest allies. Will you push the boundaries of space for a bigger payload, or play it safe and steady?


As you navigate the celestial expanses, your choices will either bolster your empire's economy or leave it vulnerable to the strategic machinations of rival players. Mining is a careful balance between speed, cargo capacity, and defense. Larger ships can carry more but may be slower and more vulnerable to attacks, while smaller, faster ships may make quick runs but require more trips to haul significant amounts of resources. Players must also consider the type of resources they're after, as some are rarer and more valuable, thus requiring ventures into more dangerous territories.

Marauders: The Renegades of Space

For those who bear the title of Marauder, life is about playing the edge, thriving on the fringes of legality. Your craft is deception and combat, preying on Miners by integrating into the local crime syndicates that lurk within asteroid belts. Here, you'll engage in the art of the heist, siphoning ore from unsuspecting Miners and enforcing the harsh law of the cosmos — pay protection tribute or face the consequences.


As a Marauder, your fortunes are won in the shadows, leveraging systemic corruption and the element of surprise. Your ship becomes a tool of both stealth and aggression, a silent threat one moment and a blazing gunship the next. The rewards can be immense, but so are the risks.

Immersive Combat

The thrill of command is palpable as you lead your fleets into tactical battles that demand quick thinking and strategic acumen. The combat in Citadel 2.0 is not just about firepower; it's about outmaneuvering opponents in a dance of war where every move could lead to resounding victory or catastrophic defeat. With a variety of ships, environments, and customization options at their disposal, players can engage in epic space battles that are as thrilling as they are strategic. Whether it's a skirmish on the fringes of known space or a massive fleet engagement, combat in Citadel 2.0 is a core element that offers endless possibilities for those willing to take command.


Whether you choose the path of a Miner or a Marauder, your journey will be fraught with decisions that test your mettle. Navigate the cosmos with precision, upgrade your vessel to suit your chosen profession, and amass wealth to outshine your peers. Your ship, your risk tolerance, and your skill as a pilot are all part of the equation that will lead to your success or downfall in the vast expanse of Citadel 2.0.

How to Get Started

Citadel 2.0 is in its early stages of development. They also just recently announced their $3.3M seed round to help them with the further development of the game. To keep in touch with the latest Citadel 2.0 news, updates, and launches, follow them on their Socials such as X and Discord.

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Citadel 2.0

The Citadel is an on-chain, spaced themed persistent world game hosted entirely on the Ethereum blockchain.


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