Take part as a lord on Chaquer, an on-chain, medieval RTS game with a 50x50 tilemap featuring land, sea, and mountain tiles. Players build castles, raise armies, and battle others. It's an economy-driven game with resources like food, wood, iron, and currency, with prices governed by supply and demand.



Dive in on a strategic journey through the medieval realms of Chaquer, a fully on-chain real-time strategy game that brings the thrill of economy-intensive gameplay right to your fingertips. Developed by the innovative Team Nakamo, Chaquer stands out as a unique gaming experience that combines blockchain technology, AI, and fun, immersive gameplay.

The Strategic Realm of Chaquer


In Chaquer, every player's saga begins with the establishment of their castle. Selecting a land tile, you lay the foundation of what will become a sprawling empire. This initial choice is crucial, as it determines the strategic advantages and challenges you'll face as you expand your dominion.

The lifeblood of your kingdom in Chaquer is the resources you gather. Food, wood, and iron are the cornerstones of survival, growth, and military might. Players must venture out to collect these materials, which are essential not only for sustaining your populace but also for building structures and forging weapons. The act of gathering resources isn't just a means to an end; it's a complex endeavor that requires foresight and planning.

Military Prowess


A kingdom is only as strong as its army. In Chaquer, you have the opportunity to recruit and train a variety of units, each with specialized skills and strategic importance. Whether it's defending your own borders or marching upon an enemy's gates, the composition of your forces can turn the tide of war. Trade in Chaquer is not a mere sideline but a vital aspect of the game's intricate economy. The marketplace is a hub of activity where resources and currency change hands, reflecting the game's deep economic systems. Players must master the art of trade to ensure their kingdom's prosperity and leverage in the wider world.

The ultimate goal in Chaquer is to conquer the map, but brute force alone won't secure victory. Forming alliances, engaging in diplomacy, and strategic maneuvering are as important as the battles you'll fight. Each decision on the tilemap is a calculated move in the grand chess game of territorial control and political power.

Recent Updates 

Chaquer recently announced their work in progress to fully migrate to the Starknet Ecosystem. The Chaquer team also recently won a blockchain gaming grant, enabling them to add new content to the game, such as Civilization NFTs, artillery mechanics, new building assets, special army units, and tournaments..

How to Get Started

The Alpha version of the Chaquer game is currently live for Browsers. To try it out, simply go to, or use our Play Now feature to play the game directly on this page. From there, click “enter the game”,  create a username for yourself, then either create a game or join an existing one.

About Chaquer


Team Nakamo


Chaquer-RTS is a fully on-chain real-time strategy game.


Team Nakamo