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Blockstars is a music management game where your strategic decisions as a band manager shape the careers of your digital bands. As a band manager, you scout for talent, manage your band's rise to global stardom, and capitalize on your success through live performances and album sales.

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Blockstars is a music management simulation game where your strategic skills in managing a band can earn you real rewards on Solana. Whether you're a music enthusiast, a gaming aficionado, or a web3 gamer, Blockstars offers a unique blend of entertainment and opportunity.

In the world of Blockstars, you step into the role of a music manager in a universe where music transcends physical boundaries. Here, "bands" are dynamic entities with their own personalities, skills, and aspirations. As a manager, your mission is to discover talent, form bands, and guide them to stardom. 

Gameplay and Features

In Blockstars, your path to becoming a music mogul is filled with decisions that affect your band's success, their music's popularity, and your financial returns. This journey from scouting raw talent to global stardom is filled with challenges, opportunities, and strategic decisions that mimic the complexities of the real music industry.

Scouting and Signing Talent

  • Talent Discovery: Begin by scouting for potential stars within the Blockstars universe. Each musician comes as a unique NFT with their own set of abilities, personality traits, and potential for growth.
  • Signing Musicians: Once you've identified promising talent, sign them to your label. The musicians' compatibility, potential synergy, and their fit within your strategic vision are key considerations.

Band Formation and Management

  • Forming Bands: Combine musicians based on their skills, genres, and personalities to form bands. Successful bands require a mix of compatible musicians who can work together to produce hits.
  • Management Decisions: As a manager, you're responsible for guiding your bands through the music creation process, choosing the right songs, deciding on recordings, and strategizing promotions to maximize their popularity and financial success.

Creating and Promoting Music

  • Songwriting and Recording: Engage your bands in songwriting sessions (influenced by Blockstars attributes) to create new tracks, then hit the studio to record. The quality of songwriting and production affects the song's potential success.
  • Promotion Strategies: Utilize social media, live gigs, and marketing campaigns to promote your bands and their music. Strategic promotion can enhance your band's fame and attract more fans, boosting your earnings.

Live Performances and Tours

  • Booking Gigs: Schedule live performances at various venues to increase your band's visibility and earnings. From small bars to large stadiums, choosing the right venue for your band's popularity level is crucial.
  • World Tours: As your bands gain fame, organize world tours to capitalize on their global fanbase. Successful tours can significantly boost your band's profiles and financial success.

Your band management skills not only propel your band to success but also earn real rewards via play and earn mechanics. This comes from profit from gigs, album sales, and more. Smartly reinvest your earnings to discover new talent, enhance equipment, and broaden your music empire, setting the stage for substantial growth and rewards.

How to Get Started

  1. Create Your Manager Profile: Begin your journey by setting up your profile. This can be done through the Blockstars game website and by connecting your Solana wallet. A mobile version of the game is also currently in the works. 
  2. Discover and Sign Talent: Scout for talented musicians in the Blockstars marketplace. Each artist comes with unique skills and potential.
  3. Form Your Band: Combine artists with complementary skills to form a band. Consider their chemistry and potential to create hit music.
  4. Manage Your Band: Make strategic decisions about songwriting, recording, and promoting your band's music. Your management style will impact their success.
  5. Play and Earn: Participate in gigs, release singles and albums, and climb the charts. Your band's success translates into real-world rewards thanks to blockchain technology.

About Blockstars


Blockstars is a music management simulation game, where players earn real rewards by managing bands to fame and success.




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