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Party games – who isn't a fan? With titles like Fall Guys and Stumble Guys, the genre has seen numerous additions. Now, Blankos steps up to become the go-to game, inviting us to immerse ourselves in both creation and entertainment.

Let's start by dissecting the visuals before delving into the broader Blankos experience. Character design exudes cuteness, allowing you to personalize appearances with skins, items, and distinct colors, fostering a unique personality within the game. The color palette employed in the game's levels is inviting and vibrant.


Blankos strives to establish a social hub for exploration while also focusing on delivering enjoyable party games for you and your friends. The created social hub offers enticing variety, yet it lacks the essence of a living, bustling world. The locations designed lack dynamism, resulting in a somewhat lackluster experience that holds attention for a mere ten minutes of exploration. Perhaps this will evolve as more players join, leading to heightened engagement.

The mini games showcase refreshing diversity in comparison to the conventional variants found elsewhere. They introduce game modes that provide a pleasant change of pace, including unique modes such as team deathmatch and free-for-all. However, the vibes collection mode could use refinement, as it's prone to imbalance due to spawning locations for higher point rewards.

Beyond the extensive skin, item, and color customization, Blankos goes further. As you engage with the game, your Blankos will level up, reaping rewards along the journey that add depth and uniqueness through skills and buffs. This enriches the gaming experience across various modes.

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Addressing personalization and creativity within the game, Blankos caters to your needs in more than one way. In addition to the previously mentioned features, you're empowered to craft your own island with the in-game world builder. Although this process has a learning curve and some hitches, it's an astounding feature. After investing time and effort into sculpting your personalized realm, the journey doesn't conclude. Once your creation is ready, you can share it with others.

Certain player-created worlds become part of the mini game rotation, offering a chance to support your community and contribute something unique. However, this also brings forth challenges, as not all maps are balanced and some harbor bugs and collision issues that hinder their enjoyability.


Ultimately, Blankos aims to establish itself as a promising party game with commendable features, yet it falls short in several aspects. While it functions decently on average, the game's lack of a substantial player base appears to be detrimental. This results in a shallow and underwhelming experience, failing to provide enough incentive to stray from familiar games within the same genre.

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Blankos Block Party Review

In its pursuit of becoming a standout party game, Blankos showcases promising attributes, but its performance leaves room for improvement in various aspects. Although it maintains a reasonable level of functionality, the game's limited player base hampers its potential. This drawback contributes to a somewhat superficial and unsatisfying gameplay encounter, ultimately lacking the allure to draw players away from more familiar genre counterparts.



Introduces innovative features to the genre

Inclusion of a stage builder adds value

Offers extensive customization options

Impressively designed social hub


Build mode demands significant patience

Quality of community maps is generally uncertain

Scarcity of players raises doubts about the overall appeal and purpose of playing

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Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party allows players to create, build, play and socialize in game. Not only that, it provides a laid back experience with a heavy focus on fun and engaging gameplay with your friends on the weekend, giving off Fall Guys-vibes.


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