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Blade of God X, highly anticipated sequel to the beloved Blade of God series, is proudly introduced to the web3 gaming world by PGSoul Games, a company founded in 2011. With a passion for gaming, PGSoul Games has crafted more than 70 captivating games. Their dedication has garnered an astounding 200M international downloads, a testament to their commitment to excellence. With this, high expectations are set due to their previous success.

In the immersive realm of Blade of God X's lore, players embody "Inheritors," reborn into the rich tapestry of Norse mythology and magical realms. They explore diverse landscapes, from the fiery depths of Muspelheim to sacred realms near the towering World Tree. Every decision they make influences both the fate of the realms and their own narrative, guiding them towards either "Sacrifice" or "Redemption."

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Blade of God X recently conducted an open playtest featuring three characters: Chaos, Esther, and Hela. However, Hela was the only character playable throughout this test. Access was granted through the Epic Games Store and earlier on through access codes given by the team. A year prior, Blade of God X tested their game on a traditional gaming audience, discovering high replayability and retention rates. During the playtest, players could also only access Hela, a sword/melee character with a wide range of abilities and transmogrification options.

The playtest began with a campaign mission restoring the island of Muspelheim, where players navigated challenging stages across various areas. Caravans played a significant role, enabling team formation and plundering of other players' caravans. Additionally, players could improve equipment, level up abilities, and battle bosses for loot. The game boasted refined combat mechanics, featuring dynamic combat for strategic depth, including counterattacks and precise strikes. The innovative Soul Core system allowed customization based on defeated monsters' essences.

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Multiplayer collaboration and competition were central.. Players could form or join Caravans, fostering communal gaming experiences for both solo adventurers and social players. In the later playtests planned for later this month will also show the first parts of the BOGX’s AI Agent which is going to allow you to change your AI’s strategies.


Blade of God X shines in its graphical performance, effortlessly meeting the high standards set by its predecessors. Every detail and environment is brought to life with clarity, while the vibrant visual effects accompanying character abilities leave a lasting impression, immersing players deeper into the game world.

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While navigating through the game, I did encounter some minor bugs, particularly with transmogs of higher rarity causing the weapon to occasionally glitch into unnatural positions. However, these issues didn't affect the overall experience much. In terms of audio design, Blade of God X excels in ensuring that character conversations, sound effects, and abilities are all distinct and well-crafted. However, one small hiccup I noticed was the main menu music being set to a rather high volume level by default, which could catch headphone users off guard.

When it comes to gameplay, the developers have got it right with Blade of God X, delivering an exhilarating and enjoyable experience for both traditional and web3 gamers alike. The onboarding process feels familiar yet engaging, and the game's main gameplay loop is clearly a priority, offering ample content to keep players hooked. The only downfall here is that the game can feel too easy for conditioned players.

Considering Blade of God X's current development phase and the stability demonstrated during its early alpha test, it's one of the most promising alpha builds in web3 gaming I've come across. With its availability across multiple platforms such as PC, Android, and iOS, the team has clearly prioritized accessibility, though there are still minor bugs that could be ironed out to further enhance the experience.

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Blade of God X Review

Blade of God X impresses with its stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, delivering an immersive experience for both traditional and web3 gamers. However, occasional glitches with weapon transmogs and the default volume of the main menu music may detract slightly from the overall enjoyment. Despite these minor issues, the game shows significant promise, earning a solid 8/10 rating.



Stable build

Exciting gameplay

Great amount of content


Some in-game conversations are not properly translated

Small glitches with transmogs

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