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Pixel Vault: Battle Plan


Pixel Vault stands at the intersection of gaming, art, and blockchain technology, offering a unique ecosystem where digital ownership and immersive storytelling converge. Through its flagship projects like Punks Comic, BattlePlan, and the MetaHero Universe, Pixel Vault has quickly become a beacon for NFT enthusiasts and gamers alike.

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Pixel Vault has carved a niche for itself in the rapidly evolving world of NFTs and blockchain gaming. Founded in 2021, it has quickly become a beacon of innovation, leveraging crypto-native assets across various mediums, including television, movies, NFTs, video games, and sports. With a vision to pioneer the intersection of crypto, culture, and community, Pixel Vault aims to elevate crypto-native assets to new heights, creating immersive and engaging experiences for players and participants alike.

Pixel Vault's journey is marked by its commitment to collaboration and creativity, unlocking the imagination and setting new standards in the NFT space. By focusing on blockchain technology, Pixel Vault has developed a platform that not only hosts games but also creates a decentralized ecosystem where players have a say in the development and growth of the projects.

Pixel Vault's Products


BattlePlan introduces a strategic, fast-paced auto-brawler experience that's as chaotic as it is exhilarating. Players are tasked with assembling their team, equipping and leveling up their characters, and securing rewards through skillful play. The game is designed to be simple to learn but challenging to master, offering a deep strategic layer that rewards creativity and adaptability. With its "Own What You Win" philosophy, BattlePlan ensures that victories in the game translate to tangible rewards, allowing players to trade or sell their winnings in a truly decentralized fashion.


Punks Comic is not just a series of digital comics; it's an unapologetic homage to the NFT culture, filled with humor, adventure, and the thrill of the hunt for digital treasures. Featuring characters inspired by actual Cryptopunk NFTs, Punks Comic takes readers on a journey through the lives of degen heroes like Courtney, Gfunk, and Hilary as they navigate the challenges and rivalries within Origin City. This series is a cornerstone of Pixel Vault's offerings, blending storytelling with digital collectibility in a way that has captivated the Web3 community.


The MetaHero Universe is set in a galaxy transformed by a mysterious event known as the "Pulse," which grants unique powers to a select group of humans and otherworldly beings. This universe is filled with inscrutable aliens, rogue robots, and heroes that defy the ordinary, offering a rich narrative backdrop for exploration and adventure. Players can dive into the stories of the MetaHeroes, uncovering the secrets of the Pulse and the vast universe it has reshaped.

How to Get Started

Pixel Vault is emerging as a prominent publisher in the web3 space, delivering unparalleled quality across all its products. If you're interested in exploring the forefront of digital collectibles and immersive gaming experiences, a visit to the Pixel Vault website is highly recommended.

Recently, they've expanded their exciting portfolio with the launch of an auto-brawler game, BattlePlan. For those eager to learn more about this latest addition, further details are available here

About Pixel Vault: Battle Plan


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Pixel Vault: Battle Plan

Pixel Vault is a pioneering NFT game publisher and digital collectible creator, blending the realms of web2 and web3 with innovative, community-driven experiences.


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