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Set to redefine the boundaries of digital worlds, Avalon emerges as a visionary project led by seasoned professionals from legendary franchises such as Diablo and Call of Duty. Based in Orlando, Florida, Avalon's mission is to navigate the evolving challenges of the digital landscape, creating an immersive, interoperable universe that empowers creators and designers alike.

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Avalon emerges as a pioneering force in the MMORPG gaming sector. It is brought to life by a cadre of industry stalwarts known for contributing to some of the most iconic MMOs in gaming history. This game is ingeniously crafted to grant players unparalleled autonomy to create, share, engage, and claim ownership over their in-game experiences, blurring the lines between the virtual and the tangible. Developed on the Unreal Engine and incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, Avalon is poised to push the boundaries of what is possible in virtual worlds

The Team Behind Avalon

The leadership of Avalon features Jeffrey Butler and Sean Pinnock at its core, both of them have a shared vision for a game that centers around the player's experience. Their team, comprising veterans from franchises such as EverQuest, Call of Duty, and Diablo, underscores the game's pedigree. This collective expertise is directed towards creating an MMO that offers an unmatched level of player engagement and content creation.

Game Features

Avalon distinguishes itself by empowering players to craft their content, from assets to entire realms, within its universe. This empowerment is facilitated by Avalon's proprietary tools and strategic partnerships with tech innovators like Didimo and Inworld AI, which enable sophisticated character creation and dynamic NPC interactions.

Leveraging the Unreal Engine, Avalon integrates advanced technologies to fulfill its ambitious vision. Tools from Didimo and Inworld AI not only enhance character customization but also pave the way for interactions that set new standards for MMOs. Central to Avalon's ethos is the belief in true digital asset ownership, ensuring players are rewarded for their contributions to the game's ecosystem. This model promotes a balanced blend of creativity and questing, enriching the player's experience.

How To Get Started

Avalon, still in the early stages of development, has successfully secured $13 million in funding to create an interoperable digital universe, marking a pivotal step towards the realization of a metaverse. For the latest updates on their game development, make sure to follow their social media channels and join the Avalon Discord server.




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Avalon is a pioneering digital universe project, envisioned by industry veterans from iconic games like EverQuest and Assassin’s Creed, aiming to establish a new realm of interoperable metaverse experiences.






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