Best Aurory Tactics Strategies and Team Compositions

A comprehensive guide on the best Aurory Tactics team compositions you need to stack up those wins against your opponents.

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Aurory is a highly touted free-to-play MMORPG game in the world of web3 gaming. Its active player community, distinctive artistic style, and reputation as a destination for experienced gamers moving from traditional gaming to blockchain has contributed to its growing popularity. Its Aurory Tactics has been a favorite amongst the blockchain gaming community and content creators, with tons of nuances that differentiate casual and hardcore players. This is why we decided to give you our insight on the best Aurory Tactics team compositions you need to try out as the meta stands at the time of writing.

At present, players can only access limited areas in the open world of Tokané, specifically the Nexus, offering a sneak peek of what is to come. Currently available for play is Aurory Tactics, a 3v3 PvP battle mode utilizing Nefties. The game can be played on PC through a web browser, with no need for downloads. Each player is provided with 9 free-to-play Nefties, consisting of tanks, healers, mages, and damage dealers, each possessing 4 special abilities and a passive ability. Out of the 9 Nefties, 8 can also be obtained as NFTs.

Strategies & Team Compositions


If you opt for this strategy, you are likely to pick damage dealers such as Unika, Dipking, and Zzoo, who have lower HP than others. They however make up for this by being able to deal a high amount of damage. Using this composition the player would be looking to wait until he has enough hype to use the most effective special abilities and then use them one after another preferably without the targeted enemy Nefty getting a turn.


Playing defensively means relying on your Tanks such as Shiba, Dinobit and your healer Block Choy. This play style involves grinding your enemies down and playing longer matches by keeping your tanks healed and your Block Choy away from enemies. If the enemy comes close you would be utilising Shiba’s ‘’bodyguard’’ ability to defend as well as Dinobits ‘’no escape’’ to allow your Block Choy to escape and create some distance. The Nefty that is most important in gaining hype on this team is Block Choy followed by Dinobit so he can stun using Stomp.

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Nefties usually included in a bruiser style of strategy are Bitebit, Number 9, Shiba Ignite and Axobubble. You would be looking at debuffing your enemies using Number 9s Scarring strike whilst dealing damage using Bitebit. The defensive abilities of Shiba and Axobubble can come in handy in this composition to allow you to gain an edge in the battle as usually playing with this kind of composition leads to mid term battles that try to outlast the aggressive compositions but yet deal enough damage to defeat defensive compositions. Another composition that works well in this category is Dinobit, Zzoo and Number 9 to debuff enemies and Dinobits ‘Stomp’ to allow Zzoo to use his ultimate ability to finish opponents.


Although there isn’t a fully ranged composition yet, playing Dipking, Axobubble with a damage dealer or bruiser gives the player an opportunity to bully opponents using the range advantage with the opportunity to deal big damage using Dipking’s Ether blast. A tactic common here is to use Axobubble’s passive and Pressure Bomb special ability to keep opponents at bay.

Tips to Succeed

Aurory Tactics is a fast-paced and challenging PvP battle mode game, requiring players to strategize and work together to defeat their opponents. Whether you're a new player or a seasoned veteran, there are always ways to improve and become a more successful player. The below list of tips in our Aurory guide give you a nuimber of actions you should practice enough times till they become second nature to be able to easily outplay your opponents.

  • Try each Nefty in the training area to observe the effect of each ability on the Timeline. This will allow the player to learn how much time each special ability takes and how to maximise having all their Nefties go one after the other.
  • When initiating attacks, try to time them it so you can reduce your enemy to having 2 Neftys on the field with them having as little attacks possible. When doing this make sure to take note of how many Hype points the dying enemy Nefty has, as giving the opponent the opportunity to an AOE attack when all your enemies are close together can backfire.
  • You can overcharge your Nefty giving it 2 pts of each stats per 1 hype used by pressing the Shift key. Holding the shift key when moving your Nefty allows you to pick the tiles it walks through.
  • Placing your Nefty as first, second and third changes which goes first (if they have equal initiative stat). This is particularly useful when playing Unika as the passive buff left behind allows for a Nefty to move twice in one go.
  • Pick Nefty’s that compliment your preferred strategy style.

Taking note of the compositions used by other players especially high ranking ones and their strategy can be an extremely efficient way to learn what currently works best. Each patch has made alterations to Nefties and this means there is a composition that is the most effective creating a ‘meta’, that works very well against what most players play. Currently a lot of players will be seen to play aggressive strategies, however the top 5 ranked players are playing defensive strategies showing that a balance is necessary when picking your team composition.

We hope you enjoyed this Aurory guide and have picked up a few tricks to help you gain those wins before queuing up again.

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