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Arc8 is a casual mobile gaming platform connecting players, brands, and communities, featuring collaborations with iconic brands and a mix of original and third-party games.

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Arc8 is a mobile gaming platform that represents the convergence of casual gaming with the metaverse, blockchain, and Web3 technologies. It's designed to connect players, brands, and communities through engaging gameplay and innovative digital experiences.

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Arc8 features a variety of games, including collaborations with global brands like Man City Striker, Cool Cats Combinations, Run!, and Hoop Shot. The platform offers original games developed by the GAMEE team and also includes content from third-party creators. The selection of games available in the Seasons portfolio is set to be determined by the community, with GMEE token holders having a say in the decision-making process.

Arc8 leverages blockchain technology to create a dynamic and secure in-game economy. Players can earn GMEE tokens through gameplay, which can be used for transactions within the platform, including trading and purchasing assets. The platform's economic design is robust, with a focus on stability and sustainability for its players and community.

For the Players

Arc8 is tailored for players looking to level up their gaming experience. The platform integrates with the GAMEE ecosystem, which boasts over 80 casual games and has distributed over $1,000,000 in rewards, backed by ad revenue. Arc8 enriches this ecosystem by providing players with a Web3-ready audience and opportunities to engage in custom gaming events.

Beasts: NFT Integration

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A unique feature of Arc8 is the 'Beasts' system, where players can feed, evolve, and mint their own Beast NFTs. The growth and evolution of these digital creatures are directly influenced by the player's performance in Arc8 games, with league rankings, battle victories, and winning streaks contributing to the acquisition of food items that enable the Beasts to evolve.

Continuous Evolution

Arc8 is a living platform, constantly evolving with regular updates, new content, and seasonal events. This approach keeps the gaming experience fresh and aligns with the platform's core values of innovation and community engagement.

Arc8 offers a comprehensive gaming experience that goes beyond traditional mobile games. By integrating casual gaming with blockchain technology, it provides a unique platform for players, brands, and communities to come together in the evolving landscape of the metaverse.

What Makes Arc8 Unique?

Arc8 stands out with its ad-free environment, modern graphics, and a diverse range of games that cater to all tastes. From card games and puzzles to runner games and target practice, there's something for every casual gamer. Its user interface is designed for immediate enjoyment, reminiscent of popular games like Candy Crush and Temple Run.

Featured Games on Arc8

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Arc8 boasts a suite of 16 engaging games, with more being added regularly. Players can enjoy a variety of experiences, including:

  1. Into the Mocaverse: Navigate a Mocaverse-themed vertical jumper.
  2. Cool Cats Combinations: A puzzle game featuring Cool Cats NFTs.
  3. Pirate Solitaire: A classic solitaire game with a pirate twist.
  4. Qube 2048: A strategic puzzle game based on the 2048 concept.
  5. Solitaire Star: The timeless Klondike card game.
  6. Wizard’s 21: A blackjack-inspired card game with a magical spin.
  7. 99 Blocks: A puzzle game reminiscent of Tetris.
  8. Karate Kido 2: A reflex-based mini-game.
  9. Man City Striker: A precision football game for scoring enthusiasts.
  10. Samurai Hold’em: A poker game with a ninja theme.
  11. Globo Run: A challenging game where you guide a sphere along a track.
  12. Run!: A game inspired by Pacman, featuring little ghosts.
  13. Hexonix: A hexagon-based puzzle game.
  14. Hoop Shot: A basketball-themed game akin to Doodle Jump.
  15. ATARI Asteroids: A modern take on the classic space shooter.
  16. Dark Lords: A space battle game, exclusive to G-Bot NFT holders.
  17. Energy Wars: Another G-Bot NFT exclusive, featuring competitive energy battles.

Each game offers a unique way to engage with the platform and earn GMEE tokens, providing a diverse gaming experience for all users.

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G-Bot NFTs: In-Game Currencies GMEE and OMP

G-Bots are ERC-721 standard NFTs that open doors to exclusive games and rewards within the Arc8 ecosystem. They can be used for combat, and staking, and are set to become interoperable across various platforms.

  • GMEE: The primary in-game currency, used for entering games and transactions within Arc8.
  • OMP (Omega Particles): Earned through G-Bot tournaments or exchanged for GMEE, used to upgrade and evolve G-Bots.

How to Play Arc8 Games?

To dive into Arc8, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download and Sign Up: Get the app from the App Store or Google Play and create an account using your Facebook, Google, or Apple ID.
  2. Play for Free: Start playing any of the games without any cost.
  3. Earn GMEE Tokens: To earn the platform's utility token, GMEE, set up a crypto wallet, switch to the Polygon network, and link your GAMEE account to your wallet.
  4. Learn and Earn: As you play, you'll learn about wallets, tokens, and NFTs, all while earning GMEE tokens through gameplay.

Dive into Arc8, the mobile gaming platform that's revolutionizing casual gaming with the power of the blockchain. Engage with a diverse array of games, from global brand collaborations to original GAMEE creations.


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