Dive into the captivating universe of Animalia, where strategy meets mythology in an NFT-based card game like no other. In this realm, players harness the power of meme-inspired creatures and mystical gemstones to outwit opponents in turn-based battles. With its unique blend of digital collectibles and strategic gameplay, Animalia offers an immersive experience for both seasoned gamers and newcomers alike.

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Animalia distinguishes itself with its innovative integration of meme culture into its gameplay, creating a unique and engaging experience. The game features 'meme-critters', a collection of creatures inspired by popular trading memes such as Doge, bear, and bull. These meme-critters are divided into two primary factions: Bears and Bulls, each endowed with distinct abilities that influence the game's dynamics. This faction system introduces a layer of strategy, as players must consider the unique strengths and weaknesses of their chosen faction. Additionally, other meme-critters like apes and whales play pivotal roles, adding to the game's rich and diverse ecosystem.


In the realm of Animalia, the essence of gameplay is a masterful blend of strategy and fantasy, brought to life through its innovative Play-to-Earn, turn-based strategy NFT card game. At its core, Animalia challenges players to engage in intense one-on-one battles, where victory hinges on the strategic use of a diverse array of cards. Each player must tactically deploy spells, items, and summoned creatures, aiming to outmaneuver and overpower their opponent in a cerebral showdown of wits and foresight.


Central to the player's experience in Animalia is the concept of Titans, which serve as the player's avatars within this vibrant world. These Titans are more than mere representations; they embody the player's strategy and style. Each match commences with an introduction to the opposing Titan's type and their selected gemstones, setting the stage for a battle that is as much about mental agility as it is about strategic planning. This introduction not only adds a layer of depth to the gameplay but also allows players to tailor their strategies in response to their opponent's strengths and weaknesses.

Deck building in Animalia is an exercise in strategic finesse. Players are tasked with assembling a deck of at least 30 cards, but this is not a mere collection of powerful options. The game imposes thoughtful limitations, such as restrictions on the number of gemstone cards, legendary cards, and arcana cards that can be included. This requirement ensures that each deck is a carefully considered arsenal, reflecting the player's strategic acumen and adaptability. The deck-building process in Animalia is not just about choosing the strongest cards but about crafting a coherent strategy that can adapt to a wide range of opponents and scenarios.


Animalia's gameplay diversity is further enriched by its array of game modes, each offering a unique experience. In the PvE mode, players embark on a journey through the game's narrative, traversing the map and unfolding the rich storyline of Animalia. This mode is perfect for players who enjoy a narrative-driven experience and wish to immerse themselves in the lore of this fantastical world.


For those with a competitive streak, the Ranked PvP mode offers a chance to climb the leaderboard, pitting their skills against other players for greater rewards and recognition. This mode is a true test of a player's strategic prowess and deck-building skills. Meanwhile, the Unranked PvP mode provides a similar competitive experience but without the pressure of rankings, allowing players to experiment with strategies and enjoy battles in a more relaxed setting.

Animalia Tundra Titans NFT Collection

The Tundra Titans Collection comprises 3,888 unique NFTs, each featuring designs centered on characters Nanook and Musk. The artwork aims to raise awareness about endangered animals, reflecting on the importance of biodiversity conservation. Additionally, the collection incorporates elements of meme culture, including Easter eggs, to enhance its appeal.

NFT Holder Privileges

Holders of these NFTs are entitled to various privileges within the Animalia ecosystem, which include:

  • Permanent Closed Beta Access: Grants holders early access to beta versions of the game, allowing them to test new features ahead of the general release.
  • Playable Digital Asset: These NFTs function as playable assets within the game, adding a layer of utility beyond their collectible value.
  • Tundra Edition Card Back: This exclusive design is available to NFT holders, offering a unique aesthetic for their in-game assets.
  • Tactical Stamina: Provides an in-game stamina boost, potentially offering a strategic advantage.
  • Hodler: Freeze To Win: A feature that rewards holders for not selling or transferring their NFTs, encouraging long-term holding.
  • Codex Activation: Enables holders to earn Codex Points, which are used for unlocking in-game rewards and advancements.

The Titans of the Tundra Collection is positioned as a key part of the Animalia ecosystem, alongside their recently launched token, $ANIM. The Tundra Titans offers a mix of artistic expression and in-game functionality. 

How to Get Started

For those eager to experience this unique game early, the first step is to register and apply for the beta test on their official website. While applying doesn't guarantee access, it's the primary pathway to potentially join this early testing phase. It's important to note that the beta version of Animalia is currently only available for PC users. For those looking to bypass the waitlist and gain immediate access to the Animalia game, acquiring a Tundra Titan NFT could be an enticing option.

Additionally, staying connected with Animalia's updates is crucial for enthusiasts and prospective beta testers. One effective way to keep updated on all the latest news, including potential opportunities for playtest spots, is by following their X account

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Animalia is an innovative Play-to-Earn, turn-based strategy NFT card game set in a mythical world, blending crypto-inspired meme creatures with strategic gameplay.


Animalia Team


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